"Justin will bring your vision to a whole new level of excellence."

Lane Napper - Disney & Nickelodeon Television Choreographer

10-9 Productions


Justin Adler is an award winning video artist (Producer, Filmmaker, Videographer, Editor) who consistently delivers a creative, professional and innovative product and has contributed to productions featuring recognized talents from all walks of the entertainment world, including MTV, Sci-Fi Channel, Dave Chappelle (Comedy Central's "Chappelle's Show") A&E (Biography), John Edward ("Crossing Over"), CBS Kingworld production of "The Ananda Lewis Show" and has worked with several Tony and Emmy Award winners on a variety of video projects.

Recently, Justin has worked as a freelance Videographer & Editor for Applebee's, Cheerios, Charmin, Crest Toothpaste, IFC's Film Festival Channel, Broadway Dance Center, Grishko, The Astoria Performing Arts Center and Pace University, NYC

10-9 Productions 2016
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