A Reel is an actor or dancer's calling card.  It is an essential element to getting your work seen by agents and casting directors and to booking more jobs.

                            Most recently I have edited Reel's for:

*Co-Choreographers for Beyoncé's Superbowl Halftime show (2013) and world tour

*Nickelodeon & Disney Choreographer for the shows Victorious & iCarly

* Actor Reels for Law & Order, The Good Wife, and The Carrie Diaries 

*Numerous reels for talent represented by the MSA Agency in NYC

* Several reels for choreographers for the TV show 

  "So You Think You Can Dance" 

 ~ Justin

                                     SMASH :  Emmy Award winner,  Joshua Bergasse : Choreography REEL

Choreography REEL


Choreographer Joshua Bergasse wins the Emmy for SMASH! 

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                                                                   Christopher Shyer - Acting REEL                                                       

                                                                 *Leading role in the TV Series "V"

                                                         *Feature film "J.Edgar" (Director Clint Eastwood)




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